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About carmel financial

We make it possible for you to have the products you desire.
Founded in 1967 as a sales and distribution company, we take pride in our business, our community and our employees. Carmel Financial has consistently exceeded corporate growth expectations by becoming a major financing source within identified niche product areas.

Carmel Financial’s significant commitment to controlled growth and profits parallels the company’s commitment to its dealers, customers and other trade partners by providing quality products and services.

Our desire to consistently deliver products and services, while always searching for improvements, creates an enthusiastic environment that is evident throughout our organization.

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why choose Carmel financial ?

  • 50+ years in business
  • Easy process for dealers with 24hrs access of real time data
  • Electronic signatures accepted
  • Financing source for secondary consumers otherwise would not be able to purchase something due to past credit history
  • Financing source for new niche products/services
  • Offering new technology to enhance dealers and customers experience:
    • Ability for dealers to connect to download their credit applications directly to avoid duplicate work
    • Ease of paperless contracts
  • Commitment towards our respected and loyal dealers
  • Commitment towards providing best customer service
  • Carmel Financial will continue to run with the same principals engrained by Tom Sheehan which made CFC successful

How it Works

Our program is designed with the latest technology to be simple and fast, no need to have a full-time finance employee to understand all the “rules” of financing.

Submit Credit Applications

Online website using desktop/phone/tablet. We’ll give you an answer in just a few minutes

Complete Loan Documents

Complete Loan Documents by generating documents in our Dealer portal and either print for ink signature or email through the portal for electronic signing
(no originals needed)

Submit the completion certificate

Complete the Job and submit the completion certificate/delivery receipt.


come & startWorking with us

At Carmel Financial, we believe in our employees, our customers, and our dealers. We know a good team brings about great results.

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By being a Carmel Financial customer, you have the power to purchase great products and have the amount added to your revolving charge account. Please click here to visit our Superstore

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Starting from $49.00
Starting from $49.00
Starting from $49.00
Starting from $49.00
Starting from $49.00
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Carmel Financial
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