About Carmel financial

Carmel Financial was founded in 1967 by Tom Sheehan. It simply began with a single $8 payment. The check, he recalls was the first monthly payment for the sets of encyclopedias he sold door to door. Using his own capital, Sheehan began offering credit for customers. However, Sheehan quickly realized there was a need for the same service for other important products.

Carmel Financial Corporation became an emerging leader among lenders in the United States. The company’s unique financing programs have established it as a dominate fixture in the in-home water treatment industry, and made it a growing force in the home improvement products industry. Carmel Financial significant commitment to controlled growth and profits parallels the company’s commitment to its dealers, customers and other trade partners by providing quality products and services.

Now, thousands of customers later and 50 plus years Carmel Financial Corporation is a major, nationwide lender, financing applicants for the purchase of everything from in-home water treatment systems, to replacement windows to heating and air units. As the years have continued throughout Carmel Financial history; Tom Sheehan sold the company to his daughter however maintaining a position on the board of directors. In 2016, the decision was made to pass the torch onto a private individual the Sheehan’s trust and want to see the same level of principal’s the company has had for over 50 years.

Carmel Financials desire is to continue to consistently deliver products and services, while always searching for new ideas and products/services to offer consumers and dealers. We are consistently finding ourselves in the position to become a major financing source within new niche products along with our previous core business.