How it Works

Our program is designed with the latest technology to be simple and fast, no need to have a full-time finance employee to understand all the “rules” of financing.

Submit Credit Applications

Online website using desktop/phone/tablet. We’ll give you an answer in just a few minutes

Complete Loan Documents

Complete Loan Documents by generating documents in our Dealer portal and either print for ink signature or email through the portal for electronic signing
(no originals needed)

Submit the completion certificate

Complete the Job and submit the completion certificate/delivery receipt.

Verification Call

CFC will contact customer within 24 hours to verify loan terms and application information

Get Paid

CFC will fund you via ACH same day of final verification call

Carmel financial benifits

Some profit is better than no profit.

If customer declines, the sale goes away and you will be receiving no money.

Increased Sales/Cash Flow

By adding secondary lending to your financing, you are able to turn otherwise lost sales into sales and increase the cash flow to your business.

Better Credit, Better Offers

Our credit decisions will range from 100% to 10%, depending on the credit quality of the applicant but you are always in control of which offers you accept.

No Cost for Services

There is no fee to sign up as a merchant and no cost to submit credit applications. You have nothing to lose by not submitting applications...except sales.

Move More Product

By increasing your sales, you are able to move more product and possibly obtain discounts from your manufacturer.

Second Chance to Consumers

Carmel Financial’s secondary program provides consumers a second chance at credit if they cannot get approved by other lenders.

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Understanding Carmel Financials Process Through An Example

Our consumer financing program is simple to use and allows you to say “YES” to your customer, instead of No. Below is an example of Pam who is ready to purchase items at a local furniture store.

The cost of Pam’s furniture purchase is $5,000. She does not have the cash to pay for the purchase and she doesn’t have enough available credit on her credit card. Therefore, she completes a credit applica-tion to finance her purchase. Carmel Financial’s Credit Team does not simply look at credit scores, they look at the entire credit picture of a consumer. Based on Pam’s credit history, Carmel Financial offers 85% for this contract.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? The offer made is the percentage of the contract that Carmel Financial is willing to pay. Offers range from 100% – 10% of the amount financed, depending on the customer’s credit. Therefore, in this example:

Amount Financed: $5,000
Amount Paid To Merchant: 85% or $4,250


  • Because of Pam’s credit history, merchant will not receive the full $5,000 on the contract but will receive $4,250 ($5,000 x 85%).
  • Pam will finance $5,000 plus interest and pay monthly payments to Carmel Financial until contract is paid in full.
  • After funding, Carmel Financial takes full responsibility of the loan.

Note: If Pam skips town, files bankruptcy or just quits paying, the merchant will never know. Carmel Financial is
100% responsible for obtaining payment.