Dealer Options

Does it cost anything to become a Carmel Financial dealer and what do I need to submit to become a dealer?
No, it does not cost anything to become a dealer with us. You simply need to start by clicking here to fill out a few questions and once we review we will have our Sales Team contact you.
Is Carmel Financial just a secondary lender or do they finance better paying customers as well?
Carmel Financial throughout the years has offered 100% financing for exceptional credit and for certain industries. We have found our niche where we can assist and provide the best outcome for you the dealer is by providing exceptional funding payout on the consumers with less than “perfect” credit.
Why should I accept a discounted approval?
If you have a customer who is willing to buy your product but doesn’t qualify for financing, you have a decision. You can either lose the sale or submit the applicant to Carmel Financial. Carmel Financial my offer you less than 100% of the amount financed for the sales contract. However, the bid that Carmel makes may still allow you to make a profit on the sale. These profits, although smaller than your normal profits, can add up to thousands of dollars or more that you would not have had you given up on the sale.
Can I collect the discount from the customer?
No. the amount that is discounted is the cost passed to the business owner. Some amounts we offer on credit applications will work for you and others will not… It’s your choice. You are in total control of the offers you take and the ones you do not.
Does Carmel Financial offer any credit promotions?
Absolutely! We have a wide variety of credit promotions available such as same as cash and deferred payment promotions. Since there are fees associated with some of our promotions, contact your Sales Team for specific information.
How long does it take to get credit decisions and how long are they valid?
Our Credit Department knows how important fast credit decisions are to our dealers. Therefore, we have implemented our Dealer Portal. Once you enter your application you can see a response as quickly as 5 minutes within our credit hours.

Since a customer’s credit profile can change, our credit decisions are good for a maximum period of 60 days.
Is there a limit on how much you will finance?
Yes, the maximum amount we fill fund on varies by industry. Please contact our Sales Team for specific industry information at 800-727-2987.
What can I do receive my funding faster?
The most common reason for a delay in funding is incomplete paperwork. Also there are times when an applicant cannot be reached or does not return our phone calls when we are trying to verify their purchase. By informing your customer that a representative from Carmel Financial will be calling, you will save valuable time and assist in expediting your funding.
Is there a way for me to see all my past submissions of customers?
Yes, our online Dealer Portal stores all the information on your customers. You can see working deals in real time, you can view your funded customers, and check for new decisions on new customers. Please Click here to access your Dealer Portal.